Wills and Inheritance Law

Wills and Inheritance LawWe recommend to grant a Will in Spain in order to designate the beneficiaries of your assets located in the Spanish territory.
Making a Will is easy and can avoid unnecessary trauma for dependants and relatives. To ensure that your assets are distributed to your loved ones in the most tax efficient manner, we will draft a Will in accordance with your instructions.

 We will help you settle the Deceased’s affairs whether or not they have a will. Consideration needs to be given to their property, money and investments, assets and other possessions. Before any distribution of your assets can take place, all debts and any tax liability has to be paid.

Few people realise that a divorce has no effect at all on inheritance, but marriage changes everything, even to the extent of nullifying a previous Will. You should ensure that you make a Will immediately after marriage or divorce and keep it updated through your life as things change. This is all the more the case where you may have step-children or you are living with a new partner after a broken marriage.

If you wish or you were out of Spain and could not prepare all steps forward with your Probate, we will act as executors either solely or with a family member. We endeavour to wind up an estate, even in the case of a death intestate, as quickly and efficiently as possible with the minimum burden to family and other beneficiaries. This includes negotiating with the Inland Revenue the payment of your Death Duties and the registration of all assets in the name of your beneficiaries.

We would like to inform you that we have specialists (tax and legal) who will ensure your estate will be transferred straight to the name of the beneficiaries that you designate and that inheritance taxation is minimised.
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