LitigationOur lawyers will help and protect you in the event that you get into any legal conflict or any kind of dispute with anyone who affects your rights in any matter, using the Spanish Justice to solve it.

Every case will always get to the point of being offered between participants an amicable solution rather than continuing further with demands which will obviously take longer time and will also represent higher costs of representation. Our Firm will legally advice you at this moment and any further, unless friendly negotiations between the parties ended successfully and you instructed us paralyzing the case.

All Court procedures involve costs such as the fees of the Lawyer and the Attorney, and in case that their intervention is required, the services of Court appointed experts, Notary fees, etc. The final sentence will determine the litigation costs which shall normally be borne by the unsuccessful party, who will be obliged to bear the costs incurred by the other party.
However, in some cases, the final sentence may determine that each party will be responsible for the costs it incurred. The unsuccessful litigant may appeal the amount of costs of the sentence. He will be given a term to pay the costs of litigation.

We will provide you with a first class service, protecting your interests and keeping you widely informed on every step of the Court proceeding. Our experienced team of lawyers will be at your disposal at any time for you.
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