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Accounting & Company Law“MARE NOSTRUM LAW AND TAX” can assist you from the initial idea of setting up a business in Spain until the business is registered at all public authorities (i.e. Inland Revenue, VAT Department, Income Tax Department, Social Security Department, etc) and all licenses are applied for at the relevant public offices (i.e. Hygiene Licenses, registration of any qualifications for trading, vehicle registration in the name of the business, etc).

In case of being in partnership with other different people or in case of being in cooperation with other companies in the same business sector, we will help you with preparing collaboration working agreements which should specifically detail each one of the members responsibilities in such transaction or joint-working agreement and each one of the members revenue for such work in common.

In case of being the needs of negotiating a tenancy agreement with the owner/landlord of a commercial unit where you reckon your business will be successful, our Firm will guide you with these negotiations in order to save you as much as possible in terms of costs (i.e. free rental monthly periods until the business is established and opened, not bank guarantees liabilities, longest possible tenancy period needed to compensate the initial investment, etc).

After the business is set up and registered, our Firm will manage with keeping your books and accountancy and will make sure you personally and your business fulfil all formal and tax liabilities in order to keep away from you any problems with any competent authorities related to any of the fields where your activity trades in. This will obviously require regular meetings and contacts with our Chartered Accountants working in each ones of the offices that we have located in the Coast of Spain and will require full explanations of different matters important to be completely understood.

Our firm has full comprehensive Civil Liabilities insurance policies with sufficient cover which will protect your business after we become responsible for all what you will be rendering our services and above-explained.
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